The Environment Act was given Royal Assent on 9th November 2021! The legislation is designed to improve air and water quality, tackle waste, increase recycling, with a 2030 target to halt species decline and improve the natural environment.

Through the Act new developments will be required to improve or create habitats for wildlife, as well as achieve a minimum of 10% increase in Biodiversity Net Gain. Read more about the requirement for Biodiversity Net Gain here.

The Act also made provision for the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP). This public body was legally formed in November 2021 to provide an independent body to replace EU institutions. The remit of the OEP is to “protect and improve the environment by holding Government and public authorities to account” addressing climate law and considering the performance of public authorities and Government in meeting environmental laws and targets, including regular accessible reporting on such matters. The OEP will build upon work undertaken by the Natural Capital Committee.