Natural England (NE) COVID–19 have provided an update regarding their Planning Consultee and Protected Species Mitigation Licence (PSML) applications and work under a granted licence has just been published, click here for full details.

In summary NE are seeking to assure all their customers that assessing Planning Applications and issuing PSML remains a priority, but warns that NE may need extend  the usual application review process time in some cases.

They emphasise that there is no change to wildlife legislation and therefore, where a licence is required to mitigate an otherwise unlawful act (such as removing habitat, destroying a resting place, nest, roost or sett) this will still be the case. Survey data supporting an application must be sufficient to reduce any element of doubt of significant risk. This corresponds with CIEEM and government guidance that surveys can continue to be carried out where they meet PHE guidelines.

Bakerwell Limited have made adjustments to our working practices to ensure we meet PHE guidance and are continuing surveys presently, if you would like to seek any clarifications, need a survey or wish to read a copy of our recent newsletter describing the measures we are taking please click here.