The 2019 corona virus disease (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease caused by corona virus (COVID – 19) is now prevalent within the UK. The health and wellbeing of our clients and employees is extremely important to us.

Bakerwell will be following Government guidance on COVID -19 as it is revised and released.

Alongside our usual Biosecurity measures, we will be implementing measures following government guidance to ensure that we can continue to support you with your projects.

Please note as the situation with the corona virus and any associated advice from the government and other bodies is likely to change, where this affects the information given below future updates may follow.

What Bakerwell are Doing to Limit any Impact to the Services We Provide

As an ecological consultancy many of the services we provide can be carried out without direct contact with others. Ministerial guidance has recently confirmed that outdoor work can be carried out by ecologists during the lockdown, which commenced on 23rd March 2020 (see this document).

Where limited contact in open space will occur safe working practices will be followed to ensure working follows guidance from the government and our industry accreditation body CIEEM, as detailed in Section 5.

We will use alternative solutions such as telephone and skype instead of face to face meetings and CPD sessions will be postponed until further notice as group events are not advised at this time.

Our consultancy services will be provided remotely via home working in line with the recent Government guidance. Calls to the office will be forwarded to a member of staff or answer phone which allows for remote access to ensure we can continue to answer any queries, until such time as the guidance allows otherwise.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments will include a dynamic site specific section assessing the risk and detailing tasks and measures being followed in light of COVID – 19.

Pre-planning site surveys, site checks and protected species surveys

This type of survey is usually carried out in the outdoors on unpopulated sites, where the likelihood of person to person contact is limited, Therefore, in these circumstances we will be continuing with all such surveys as planned.

However, some adjustments to travel and ceasing of overnight stays will be required to ensure that we keep our staff safe as detailed in Section 5. We would ask that we are not accompanied by the client or site personnel at any time. Where site access restrictions exist, we would ask that you notify us, so that we can discuss arrangements to ensure the risks can be mitigated in line with government guidance. Follow up from all site visits will be provided by email, so please notify us of any changes to the personnel you would like to be included in communication.

Where works are being carried out under a Natural England Licence or Non Licenced method Statement a Toolbox Talk and Ecological Supervision will require on site communication with a number of site personnel. This will take place in the open air, and social distancing meeting government guidance will be employed to ensure all staff are kept safe, with PPE for both site and COVID – 19 utilised. The ecologist giving the talk will provide materials electronically for the site foreman to distribute following their onsite process and take the details of each person attending, rather than passing round paper and pen for everyone else to use. Safe working practices are detailed in Section 5.

Where staff are working on an operating construction site or with site contractors they will operate a yellow and red card system. This will be explained during a toolbox talk to contractors and will comprise the following:

Yellow card – a warning will be given to any site contractor who does not follow Government, site or our social distancing measures.

Red card – where a warning has been given on two occasions and continues to be ignored, staff will inform the site foreman, or contractor manager and project manager and will leave site without delay.

As much of the work we do allows works to go ahead where they would otherwise breach legislation – it should be noted that should this happen – all associated works will cease until COVID – 19 policy and practices have been updated.Personal protective equipment will be provided to all staff for working on site including disposable gloves, alcohol gel and face masks.

Covid-19 Safe Working Practices and Biosecurity Measures
Bakerwell employ biosecurity measures in regards protected species surveys, the measures outlined below will be in addition to these:

  • All staff members with symptoms will self-isolate at home and will not be attending any site.
  • Vulnerable staff will not work at operating construction sites and will only work at any site where lone working is possible or social distancing measures can be followed.
  • Staff living with someone in isolation or who is shielding will not attend site.
  • Staff will travel to work in separate cars where possible in the first instance. Where this is not possible working teams will follow following government advise for construction and outdoor workers, windows will be kept open for ventilation, staff will avoid touching their face and will wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or more or use hand sanitiser on leaving the vehicle.
  • Staff will maintain a distance of 2m (3 steps) from other people, where possible, including when working, in car parks, welfare units. Pedestrian walkways and staircases.
  • If a 2m distance cannot be maintained staff will utilise face masks, stand side to side, or face away from each other and will not stand face to face, in an open space and for no more than 15 minutes.
  • Staff attending site where a main contractor is in place will use the welfare facilities provided and follow the Client site COVID -19 measures.
  • Staff attending site will be briefed on site specific COVID -19 control measures as they are advised by our clients.
  • Staff using welfare facilities on any site will wear protective gloves throughout the process and will wash their gloves when entering and leaving the unit.
  • Staff will not use site based canteens and will instead eat in open locations on site or within their cars.
  • Staff are advised to avoid purchasing pre-packaged food or drink and bring pack lunches they have prepared to site.
  • Staff will carry alcohol hand gel as part of their survey kit for situations when hand soap is not available.
  • Where direct communication is unavoidable, staff will avoid physical contact such a shaking hands, and maintain a 2m distance with others, they will wear PPE including gloves.
  • Staff will sneeze/cough into a tissue or bent elbow.
  • Staff will maintain personal equipment, in the rare case that shared materialsare used these will be cleaned between users.
  • All staff will follow the latest government guidance.
  • Staff will wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds between locations.
  • Staff will complete a Bakerwell site specific COVID-19 declaration, where this is required this will be provided electronically, as well as internal COVID-19 declarations.

Client Responsibilities

We would expect all of our clients to be:

Following government guidance, implementing COVID-19 site policies, carrying out regular inductions to ensure all on site staff understand and comply with government advise, ensuring that all communal areas such as on site toilets are cleaned regularly. We also expect that our clients will Inform us immediately if someone that we have had direct contact with is later found to have symptoms. Inform us promptly if projects are cancelled or put on hold, in line with our terms and conditions we will charge for all works undertaken.

Further Information:

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