Bakerwell has previously reported on the Kent District Level Licensing (DLL) scheme for Great Crested Newts Triturus cristatus (GCN). Bakerwell has had the opportunity to work with Natural England on a trial for a project that has gone live and has subsequently submitted one of the first applications in Kent. Check back for project updates.

Initial feedback today is as follows:

  • NE are now charging for the enquiry at £670+VAT
  • It is important to know that the DLL scheme only covers GCN
  • Where other protected species are present on a Kent development site (e.g. reptiles), which are also impacted by the development, mitigation measures such as installation of herptile fences and translocation will still be required. These are measures which would normally by carried out simultaneously for reptiles and GCN and is therefore important to consider when evaluating the cost benefits that the DLL approach will have on a project.
  • NE have also produced guidance with details of reasonable avoidance measures that a client choose to take on a DLL scheme. This includes sensitive clearing of vegetation, tool box talks, timing of work to avoid sensitive periods and best practice to be undertaken on sites.

Bakerwell are evaluating additional measure to address potential welfare issues when handling GCN on site and will provide more information over the next month. If you would like to discuss whether your project would benefit from District Level Licensing contact