A new tool developed by The Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning is now available free online, aimed at householders and small to medium-scale developers, the tool is useful for all looking to gain planning permission and wondering if an Ecological Survey will be needed. 

Records since the  1970’s show that many UK wildlife species are in decline, with over 1,200 now extinct or threatened with extinction from Great Britain (State of nature report, 2016).  Key factors that have caused this decline are habitat loss and fragmentation.

It is a statutory requirement to consider the ecological impact of any development, no matter how small. The National planning policy framework also requires development to provide a positive contribution to biodiversity. How do you know if your development may impact wildlife, and if your planning application will need ecological survey findings including any mitigation or enhancement measures for biodiversity? To respond to this question, The Partnership for Biodiversity in Planning has produced the free online Wildlife Assessment Check.