Natural England (NE) are currently in the process of rolling out a GCN district licensing project in Kent.  The aim is to implement district licensing in 6 districts in Kent from November 2017.  A Kent wide conservation strategy is being drafted with the aim to publish this from November 2017 also.

Bakerwell have recently attended a consultants forum where Natural England discussed this project with ecological consultants.  NE confirm that three districts have signed up to the project to date.  Developer contributions will vary from the Woking model, as this was a more simplistic scenario in terms of the interaction between GCN and development.  A net gain metric is being developed to assist this, with the aim to make it a system that can be more widely applied in the future.

Bakerwell are monitoring the progress with the Kent project and will provide further updates as new information becomes available. Recent articles on related news such as the national district GCN licensing roll out and NE’s new European protected species licensing policies are available on our news page.