Following the successful launch of the Natural England (NE) District Level Licence (DLL) process in Kent earlier this year, with Bakerwell Limited helping out our client BDW Homes in Kent to achieve the first ever licence, work continues by NE to replicate the process across England.

The DLL is now in place in South Midlands & Woking, Kent and Cheshire. With new areas coming forward from March 2020 Essex, Greater Manchester, Shropshire, Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire. Surveys are underway in Hampshire with these areas probably coming forward in 2021.

The Kent and Cheshire schemes have currently got 22 projects using the DLL instead of the traditional licensing process. This results in an average cost per project of £32,000 which have paid for a total 44 pond improvements and new ponds (NE 2019). The biggest take up has been in Kent so far. Watch this space for further updates.