Wildlife licences are required from Natural England in some situations, where your project may disturb or remove protected wildlife or damage protected habitats.

Natural England are proposing to charge for protected species licences. The intention is to reduce the impact of delays on licence applicants, and enable a consistent level of compliance checks to be sustained by changing from taxpayer-funding only to a mix of taxpayer and service-user funding.

Exemptions will apply where the purpose is for householder developments, to prevent serious damage to property or the spread of disease or for conservation projects and science.

A consultation is in place until the 4th February 2018 to allow stakeholders to have their say on the proposals to charge, the charging structure and exemptions. Proposed charges related to development include:

• £700 per licence for non complex European Protected Species Mitigation licence applications (e.g. for bats, great crested newts, dormice, otters, smooth snakes, sand lizards and natterjack toads)

• £350 per licence for applications to interfere with a badger sett

If you want to have your say you need to do so before the 4th February. To access the consultation and comment on the proposed charges click here