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Bakerwell aim to be the ecology consultancy of choice in the South East, recognised for our commitment to providing a clearly communicated, bespoke and innovative approach.

Bakerwell’s staff and associates are engaged and passionate about the work they do and the projects they work on. Contact us today to discuss our early ecology desk assessment, provided at a low price of £150, a cost which is taken off fees for further ecology work, if this is required.

Bakerwell provide suitably qualified ecologists with the appropriate protected species licences to carry out your Phase 1 Habitat survey, bat survey, great crested newt survey, reptile survey, dormice survey, bird survey or other surveys as required. We can assist with species translocations, mitigation strategies, management plans, protected species reports, European Protected Species mitigation licence applications and much more.

Bakerwell are dedicated to helping you save time and costs wherever possible, whilst providing a quality ecological consultancy service to help you achieve planning permission or clear planning conditions for your development. We provide a friendly and personal service. You will always talk to our Directors who will guide you through what is required for ecology to support your planning application and provide a high quality, biodiverse environment for your project.

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Bakerwell Ltd Services During UK Lockdown

The 2019 corona virus disease (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease caused by corona virus (COVID - 19) is now prevalent within the UK. The health and wellbeing of our clients and employees is extremely important to us. Bakerwell will be following Government guidance on COVID...

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Protected Species Licences during COVID–19

Natural England (NE) COVID–19 have provided an update regarding their Planning Consultee and Protected Species Mitigation Licence (PSML) applications and work under a granted licence has just been published, click here for full details. In summary NE are seeking to...

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